Air Fryer Fried Bread – Crispy And Healthy

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Can You Do Fried Bread In An Air Fryer?

If you’re looking to indulge in a crispy, golden slice of fried bread without the guilt, use the air fryer.

Fried bread in the ninja air fryer or any air fryer is not only healthier but also tastier than traditional frying.

By using just a fraction of the oil, air frying significantly reduces the fat content of the bread, making it a healthier choice for your breakfast.

Fried Bread In An Air Fryer

Air frying bread doesn’t sacrifice any flavour.

The high heat of the air fryer creates a perfectly crisp exterior while keeping the inside soft and fluffy.

Whether you prefer classic white bread or a wholemeal loaf, the air fryer enhances the natural flavours of the bread, giving it a lovely crunch.

Is Air Fryer Fried Bread Healthy?

Air fryer fried bread offers several health benefits compared to traditional frying methods.

Firstly, air frying significantly reduces the amount of oil required.

Instead of submerging the bread in a pool of oil, the air fryer uses hot air to cook the bread, resulting in a lower fat content.

This reduction in oil consumption can help reduce the overall calorie intake without compromising on taste.

Additionally, air fryer fried bread is a great option for individuals looking to cut back on unhealthy fats.

Traditional frying often leads to an absorption of excess oil, which can contribute to weight gain and cardiovascular issues.

Air frying minimises the amount of oil absorbed, resulting in a lighter and healthier bread.

Furthermore, air fryer fried bread is a suitable choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Whether you follow a specific diet or have certain allergies, air frying allows you to enjoy fried bread without worry.

With minimal oil and the ability to customise the ingredients, air fryer fried bread can accommodate various dietary needs.

Air fryer fried bread offers health benefits such as reduced fat content, lower calorie intake, and compatibility with different dietary restrictions.

By making this simple switch, you can enjoy a guilt-free indulgence that doesn’t compromise on taste.

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How To Make Fried Bread In The Air Fryer

air fryer fried bread

Making air fryer fried bread is a straightforward process that anyone can master.

To get started, you’ll need the following ingredients:

– Slices of your preferred bread (white, wholemeal or any other variety)

– Olive oil spray

– Salt and pepper (to taste)

– Any additional seasonings or toppings you desire (e.g., garlic powder, herbs, cheese)

Step-by-step guide:

1. Preheat your air fryer to 180C / 360F for 5 minutes.

2. Lay out your bread slices on a clean surface. Lightly spray one side of each slice with olive oil spray or cooking spray.

3. Season the bread with salt, pepper, or any other seasonings you prefer.

4. Place the bread slices in the air fryer basket, making sure they are not overlapping. If your air fryer has a smaller capacity, you may need to cook the bread in batches.

5. Cook the bread in the air fryer for about 3-5 minutes, keeping a close eye on them to prevent overcooking.

6. Gently turn the bread slices and lightly spray the other side with oil. Continue air frying for an additional 2-4 minutes until both sides achieve a golden-brown colour. If you’re adding cheese or other toppings, this is the perfect time to sprinkle them on top of the bread.

7. Once the bread is golden brown and crispy, remove it from the air fryer using tongs or a spatula. Be careful as it will be hot.

8. Serve the air fryer fried bread immediately while it’s still warm and crispy.

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Tips For Achieving The Perfect Air Fryer Fried Bread

To ensure your air fryer fried bread turns out perfectly every time, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

1. Opt for bread slices that are slightly thicker and sturdier to withstand the air frying process. While any type of bread works, thicker slices tend to hold their shape better.

2. Preheating your air fryer before cooking the bread helps achieve a more consistent and evenly cooked result. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preheating, as different models may have varying preheating times.

3. Make sure to leave enough space between the bread slices to allow the hot air to circulate freely. Overcrowding the basket can lead to uneven cooking and a less crispy texture.

4. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your air fryer fried bread. Experiment with different seasonings, such as garlic powder, paprika, or dried herbs, to enhance the flavour. You can also add toppings like grated cheese, sliced tomatoes, or avocado for an extra touch of indulgence.

5. The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on your air fryer model and personal preferences. Start with the recommended settings and adjust as needed to achieve your desired level of crispness.

Healthy Air Fryer Fried Bread Variations

Air fryer fried bread is incredibly versatile and can be customised to suit your taste preferences.

Here are some delicious variations and toppings to try:

1. Cheesy Garlic Bread: Spread a mixture of butter, minced garlic, and grated cheese on the bread slices before air frying. The result is a delicious combination of melted cheese, garlic, and crispy bread.

2. Herb-infused Bread: Brush the bread slices with olive oil and sprinkle them with a mixture of dried herbs, such as oregano, basil, and thyme.

3. Spicy Jalapeno Bread: If you’re a fan of spicy food, try adding sliced jalapenos or a sprinkle of chilli flakes to the bread before air frying. The heat from the jalapenos adds a kick to the bread.

4. Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Bread: For a sweet twist, brush the bread slices with melted butter and sprinkle them with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Air fry until the bread is golden brown and crispy.

5. Caprese Bread: Top the air fryer fried bread with slices of ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to air fryer fried bread!

Air Fryer Fried Bread Recipes

Here are two easy delicious air fryer recipes to try:

Garlic Bread

cheesy garlic air fryer bread


– 4 slices of thick bread

– 2 tablespoons of butter, softened

– 2 cloves of garlic, minced

– 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese

– 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley


1. In a small bowl, mix the softened butter, minced garlic, grated Parmesan cheese, and chopped fresh parsley.

2. Spread the garlic butter mixture evenly on one side of each bread slice.

3. Preheat the air fryer to 190C /380F.

4. Place the bread slices in the air fryer basket, garlic butter side up. Make sure they are not overlapping.

5. Air fry for 5-7 minutes or until the bread is golden brown and crispy.

6. Remove the bread from the air fryer and serve immediately.

Avocado Toast

Air Fryer fried bread with mashed advocado


– 2 slices of wholemeal bread

– 1 ripe avocado

– Salt and pepper to taste

– Optional toppings: sliced tomatoes, poached egg


1. Preheat the air fryer to 200C /400F for 5 minutes.

2. Toast the bread slices in the air fryer until slightly golden.

2. While the bread is toasting, peel and pit the avocado. Mash the avocado in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

3. Spread the mashed avocado evenly on the bread slices.

4. Lower the air fryer temperature to 190C / 380F.

5. Place the avocado toast in the air fryer basket and air fry for 4-5 minutes or until the edges of the bread are crispy.

6. Remove the avocado toast from the air fryer and add your desired toppings, such as sliced tomatoes or a poached egg.

7. Serve immediately and enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use any type of bread for air fryer fried bread. Whether you prefer white bread, whole wheat bread, or a speciality loaf/artisan, the air fryer can handle it. Just make sure to adjust the cooking time and temperature according to the thickness of the bread.

Preheating the air fryer is recommended for more consistent cooking results. However, if you’re short on time, you can skip the preheating step. Just keep in mind that the cooking time may be slightly longer.

You can use frozen bread for air fryer fried bread. You may need to adjust the cooking time to ensure the bread is cooked through.

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